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home interior decorator rockville md


Home accessories can help you add some personality and style to your home without redecorating every room. It is a great way to take your space to another level in just a few seconds. If you are in the mood to brighten up one of your rooms, accessories will be a great solution to that, too. It is an amazing way to introduce your space to color: just add some bright pink cushions in to your living room or an orange/green leaf table runner in to your kitchen. Home accents absolutely get everyone’s attention and can be a great conversation starter! In addition, home accessories can save up your time and money when it comes to redesigning your space.

Throw Pillows


Throw pillows can completely upgrade the look of your sofas, chairs, stools, benches and beds instantly. They add color to your interior décor and increase the aesthetic value of your room. Besides the décor purposes, throw pillow offer physical comfort and let you lie or sit in a comfortable position. They also provide an emotional comfort. 

Choose the fabric you like as well as its texture, color and pattern. Decide on what pillow inserts you would like for your throw pillows and add some trimmings to make your pillows fully custom and unique. And remember, our team of home decorators is always there to assist! 



Custom cushions are a great way to add some finishing touches to your interior as well as exterior design. They beautify the space, make it look complete and maximize your comfort. Window seat cushions, seat cushions, bench cushions, chaise cushions, chair cushions, wicker cushions, or replacement cushions – we customize EVERYTHING! Choose your ideal custom cushions to fit your seating with any shape, size, fabric, texture, fills and accents, and we will customize for you.

Table Coverings


If you think table skirts can only be used in the kitchen, you are highly mistaken. In fact, they can be made for any table in any room based on your personal style and preferences. If you wish to make a truly custom look for the table skirt, you can always add some trimmings, ruffles, welting or banding. Reversible table toppers or skirts can be ideal seasonal or holiday accents.  

We customize table runners, toppers and skirts to fit the exact measurements of your table by using materials, pattern and color of your choice.

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