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Custom window treatments go beyond just covering the windows to keep privacy matters. It is applied to increase the functionality of your windows, enhance the style and personalize your home design. Why choose custom window treatments?

  • 1. Precise window measurements
    Precise window measurements regardless of the size and shape of your windows.
  • 2. Professional decorating advice
    Professional advice from our home decorators on what fabric, colour, or pattern would be best for your home, considering the lifestyle you lead.
  • 3. Quality and workmanship
    Higher quality materials and workmanship that will prolong the life of the coverings itself due to its enhanced durability.
  • 4. Protection from sunlight
    Custom window treatments will better protect your furniture from the sunlight.
  • 5. Select your own fabrics and decorative hardware
    Ability to select your own fabrics and materials from a tremendous amount of samples we offer. This includes custom color as well as pattern. In addition, you will also be able to add custom details to your coverings such as specific hardware.


Draperies add a finished look to a room, underline the room’s architecture and frame the outside view. They either provide contrast to or coordinate with furnishings, bringing life to a space. Draperies give you an opportunity to either completely block out light from coming into the room or let it in, when needed. This gives you the benefit of maintaining a desired room temperature: keep it cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Draperies add a personal touch to your room giving your family a “Home, sweet home” feeling. 

We custom make draperies in trending fabrics of your choice to fit the exact specifications of your window(s). You can select any materials, textures, colors and patterns you like, and our home decorators will be happy to assist you and give their professional advice.



Sheer window shadings have been and continue to be a go-to choice for a lot of people for decades when it comes to choosing a window treatment for their homes. And we are not surprised! By choosing sheers, you get a great number of benefits. They are extremely versatile. In addition, since sheers are typically made of light fabrics such as linen, cotton, synthetic, or a combination of those three, it makes them not that expensive in comparison to heavier materials as velvet and silk. 

Sheers are very elegant-looking window treatment and look great with nearly all other window coverings. You can be creative and pair up sheers with solar films, faux wood blinds or opaque curtains. The only limit is your imagination! 



Shades are very effective and popular window coverings option to block light and protect privacy to fit your personal style and creative vision. They are built with a single unit of material (usually fabric) that can cover the entire window. They can be adjusted to any desirable height with a cord or a spring mechanism. 

Shades come in a variety of different styles ranging from the very traditional to classic to contemporary. You can choose from cellular or honeycomb shades, roller shades, Roman shades, or motorized shades depending on the results you are trying to achieve and/or interior design. For instance, for those who are trying to keep the interior design away from the windows, roller and cellular shades would be a perfect solution due to their uniform and simplistic design. In contrast, for those who are trying to make their window coverings be a centrepiece, Roman shades or bamboo shades will be an option. In addition to other pros. they provide insulation and are a good choice for families with children and pets. 



Blinds are one of the most traditional window treatments. They are very common and extremely popular in homes and businesses. They are built with individual and adjustable slats and louvers connected together with thin strings. They are very easy to open to let the light in and close to create some privacy.

Depending on the design of your interior, you can choose wood or faux blinds, vertical or mini blinds, vinyl or fabric blinds. Among other benefits are its functionality and flexibility, durability and humidity resistance.