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home interior designer annapolis md


A custom re-upholstery can give an old and worn piece of furniture a completely new look and bring it back to life. You can get creative in designing your own furniture that will perfectly fit into your home design and will never be found in any store. And remember, saving your furniture through re-upholstery is also environmentally sound! In addition, a custom re-upholstery job can help you keep that multi-generational furniture in the family. 


We make a re-upholstery process very easy and joyful. First, come into one of our shops to select the right fabric. We have a great variety of textile in colors, patterns and textures, whether you are looking for something modern, fashionable, classic, or casual. Watch our craftsmanship turning your furniture into a piece of art with your exact design. You can even get FREE design assistance from our team of interior decorators!

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